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Missing child Policy


Children’s safety is our highest priority, both on and off the premises where we strive to ensure they remain safe and with us at all times. To ensure this we take the following precautions: 

➢ We take a headcount each morning and parents sign their children in. 

➢ We also headcount at various points during the session. 

➢ On trips outside 

○ We take the register before we leave and also do a headcount. 

○ Ensuring children hold our hands/ pushchair. 

○ Avoid overcrowded places. 

○ Wear stickers with our contact number. 

○ We teach the children about the dangers of wandering off, going somewhere without an adult and talking to strangers. 

○ We explain to the children where to go if they get separated – putting their hand up and staying    where they are, we will look for them, not the child looking for us. 

➢ The register is also checked when we reach our destination and another headcount 


➢ Another register check and headcount is made before we leave and when we arrive back 

at the setting. 

In the unlikely event of a child going missing, each staff member would do the following: 

➢ Immediately raise the alarm to all around me that there is a missing child and enlist everyone’s help to find them.

➢ Alert security if we are in a place such as a shopping centre, ask them to seal exits and look at 


➢ Provide everyone involved with a description of the child. 

➢ Reassure other  children in our care, as they may become distressed. 

➢ We will alert the police with a recent photo and a note of what the child is  wearing.

➢ We will alert parents. 

➢ Our staff take the remaining children back to the setting as soon as possible. 


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