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About Us

At Burbage Preschool we strive to create a warm and comforting environment for parents to leave their children knowing they will be cared for throughout the day.


About us

When it comes to children, we provide personalised care with key workers for each child who devote themselves to giving your child the best care and education. We strive for a comfortable, kind and fun environment for children to play, learn and meet new people. We know that early years education sets children up for life which is why we aim to provide education of not only academic skills but also social and cultural skills to set them up to be well manered, culturally diverse and intelligent young people. ​We hope to build a strong relationship with each child and their parents/ carers so we can work in unison to create the best environment for your child.


Learning & Personal Development

Children are able to explore at their own pace, be respected as autonomous, self-motivated individuals and given consistent boundaries. All our staff are role models in their relationships with other staff, parents and children. Being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of wellbeing and helps all aspects of children’s development which is why we provide outdoor areas for  children to learn and play.

Personalised learning is centred around individual interests and learning styles. Our staff take into account children's individual learning styles and observable patterns of behavior that they demonstrate when they are playing, exploring and learning and work hard to meet their needs in an appropriate way.

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