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The current situation we are in is very difficult for parents who have children who are in their early years. It's exhausting and very difficult to entertain and teach them. This is where we come into play... No pun intended!! Here we will add fun activities and learning exercises for you to do with your children to keep them occupied and educated. We know that we are all in a situation where we have to stay at home however, no one is alone in this and we are here to support the families that we work with and make this as easy as possible. Stay safe and stay home. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a den/ fort - this will keep kids enertained for hours whilst making and afterwards! Stack some pillows and make a blanket roof and if you're feeling adventerous add some fairy lights. This is a perfect place for them to sleep, play, read and have a good old natter!!

  • Joe Wicks PE lessons - At 9am Mon-Fri Joe Wicks (a.k.a. 'The Body Coach') has a half hour daily excersise suitiable for children and adults. Excersise is very important for our mental and physical health but most importantly the development of children.

  • Make pompoms - Copy this link to learn how to make wollen pompoms - a very fun task and they can decorate their rooms with this homemade colouful decor!! -

  • Make puppets - Find some old socks, sew some buttons on them as eyes, and make your own puppet show.

  • Treasure map - Hide an object and then draw a treasure map of your house, marking the spot with an X. Who can find it?

  • Create bookmarks - With paper, cardboard, stickers, magazine cut-outs… design your best bookmark! And then you can read a book and use your special bookmarks.

  • Write a diary together - Write down what you’ve done every day. It may not seem like much now, but it will become very, very special with time.

  • Draw a picture or do some colouring in - A simple pencil and paper will do.

  • Dress up for dinner - Have a fun evening pretending to be at a resteraunt. A lovely escape from reality!

  • Science scavenger hunt - Copy this link:

  • Twinkl - This is an important one. This is a brilliant website for you to use that has many resources for learning and play.

This is a hard time but the most important thing to do is keep a routine and keep in contact with family and friends - make time each day or week for you all to call or face time an elderly family member, a friend etc. keep their spirits up. In addition, you should use the time we have been given to do some daily excersise: go for a walk or run. Keep your spirits high, look after yourselves and we will look forward to seeing you when this has all blown over.

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