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Biting Policy

We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children in our care. We understand that biting is a common behavior among young children, but it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all children and staff members.

The purpose of this policy is to outline procedures for preventing and addressing biting incidents in our setting, promoting positive behavior management strategies, and fostering a supportive environment for all children.


  1. Supervision: We maintain close supervision of children at all times to anticipate and prevent biting incidents before they occur.

  2. Modelling: Our staff model appropriate behavior and encourage positive interactions among children to reduce the likelihood of biting incidents.

  3. Structured Activities: We provide engaging and developmentally appropriate activities to keep children occupied and reduce boredom or frustration, which can contribute to biting behavior.

  4. Communication: We encourage open communication between staff members and parents to address any concerns or issues related to biting behavior promptly

Response to Biting Incidents:

  1. Immediate Response: In the event of a biting incident, our staff members intervene promptly to ensure the safety of all children involved and administer First Aid for example, including applying a cold compress .

  2. Documentation: Our staff members complete an incident form documenting the details of the biting incident, including the circumstances leading up to the incident, and any actions taken.

  3. Communication with Parents: We inform the parents of both the child who bit and the child who was bitten about the incident, providing details about what happened and any steps taken to address the situation.

  4. Follow-Up: We follow up with the parents of both children involved to discuss strategies for preventing future biting incidents and to ensure that any necessary support or resources are provided.

  5. Targeted Plans: For children who exhibit persistent biting behavior, we work with parents to develop targeted plans and may seek guidance from professionals if necessary.


By working together as a community, we can create a safe and supportive environment where all children can learn and grow without fear of harm. Thank you for your cooperation and support in implementing this biting policy.



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