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Tapestry Policy 


We use an online system called Tapestry to record and store all observations and assessments relating to each child. This is a safe and secure system and one that enables parents and carers to access their child’s learning journey at any time. They can share it with their child, family and friends at home and also post any comments and photographs of their own, helping to create a fully holistic view of the child and strengthen the parent partnership. 

❖ Staff use tablets to take the photographs for observations which are be uploaded to the journals.

❖ Each staff member has a secure login which is password and pin protected.

❖ Staff are not permitted to download any photographs of the children onto their own devices.

❖ If any member of staff suspects that their login details have been compromised in any way, they must inform the setting managers and new login details will be created. The Tapestry on-line Learning Journey system is hosted on secure dedicated servers based in the UK.

❖ All data held on our Tapestry account is owned by the settings and we are registered controllers of data with the Information Commissioner’s Office and are bound by the Data Protection Act.

❖ Photographs stored on the tablets are deleted on a regular basis by a member of staff.



❖ Parents logging in to the system can only access their own child’s Learning Journey. Parents may input new observations and photo’s, and add comments to existing observations.

❖ They do not have the necessary permission to edit existing content.

❖ Parents are asked to sign a consent form giving permission for their child’s image to appear in other children’s Learning Journeys, and to protect images of other children that may appear in any photos contained in their child’s Learning Journey.

❖ If parents withhold this consent their child is only ever photographed alone and no shared observations are made including that child.


Parents without internet 

❖ For parents without access to the internet, we will print all the information from Tapestry and collate it into a paper Learning Journey. This will be in the setting for the parent to view at all times and will be available to take home


When children leave

❖ When children move to another setting we will transfer the Tapestry account to the new setting, if they also use Tapestry. If they do not, we will email a PDF to the setting.

❖ When a child leaves the setting to start school we will email the parents a PDF copy of their child’s Learning Journey so they have a lasting record of their child’s time at the setting..

The child’s information, and their Learning Journey will be permanently deleted from our Tapestry account so no data on that child will remain with us once they have left.


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