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Mobile Phones & Camera policy 

We are committed to ensuring the safety of children in our care. We recognise the importance of a mobile phone for communication purposes, but are aware that casual or inappropriate use of mobile phones in the setting could pose a risk to children. This policy applies to all staff and volunteers, and covers both indoor and outdoor areas. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in disciplinary action. 

All settings have their own mobile phone, and its number is given to parents/carers and others who may need to contact us. It has an answering machine and is kept in the staff cupboard and another handset in the office. The manager’s mobile phone is taken on whole-group outings, in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which says: ‘Providers should take essential records and equipment on outings, for example... a mobile phone’. 

Staff personal mobile phones & Smart watches

Staff will not carry personal mobile phones while working. This protects staff from being distracted from their work, and from allegations of inappropriate use. Their phones will be kept in an agreed area in the setting. If staff have a break time during their working hours, they may use their mobile phones during these times, in an agreed area not used by children or away from the setting. Where it is essential for staff to make a personal call during a session, they should, with the agreement of the manager, make this in the agreed area not used by children. Staff must give the preschool telephone number to their next of kin, in case it is necessary for the staff member to be contacted in an emergency during session hours. 

Smart watches may only be used with the express permission of the registered provider.


It is recognised that one of the key ways to support children’s development, and engage parents in children’s learning, is through photographs that record their children’s activities and achievements. We will seek permission from parents/carers to take photographs of their children for this purpose, using authorised preschool equipment. 

Exceptional circumstances 

Sometimes it may be necessary to have more than one phone available for use in the setting. For example, where staff care for disabled children or young people and may need ready access to a phone to summon assistance in a crisis/emergency, or a small number of children are taken to another area of the site. If the setting is unable to cater for this, the registered provider will agree procedures on use of personal mobile phones for this purpose. 



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