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Food safety policy 

We are committed to ensuring that safe and healthy practises around the storage, preparation and service of food are maintained throughout the setting.


The setting has set high standards of personal hygiene for all members of staff involved in the handling and preparation of food. Any person showing signs of ill health will not be permitted to handle food. When preparing food, staff will observe current legislation regarding food hygiene and training by: 

➢ Always washing hands with antibacterial soap and hot water before and after handling food, using the 

toilet or changing nappies. 

➢ Ensuring the use of the correct colour coded chopping boards 

➢ Not being involved in food preparation if they are unwell 

➢ Wearing correct sterile clothing- hair net, apron, closed toe shoes etc. 

➢ Holding a current Food Hygiene certificate. 

➢ Making sure all fruit and vegetables are washed before being served. 

➢ Avoid wearing jewellery, especially rings, watches and bracelets. 

➢ Any cuts, spots or sores on the hands and arms must be covered completely with a waterproof dressing 

➢ Fingernails should be kept short and clean, food handlers, including children should not wear nail varnish as this may contaminate food, or wear gloves.


Temperature control 

➢ It is our policy to ensure that any and all foods are stored according to safe food handling practises and at the correct temperature to ensure that food quality is maintained. 

➢ Fridge temperatures are checked and recorded on a daily basis to ensure the correct temperature is being upheld. 



➢ The setting caters for children’s specific dietary needs that may include allergies or food intolerances, 

or because of religious, cultural or ethical reasons).

➢ Staff are made aware of children’s specialist requirements through individual care plans and other information provided by parents using the registration forms. 

➢ Exercise food hygiene practises to avoid any cross contamination.


Cleaning of Food Preparation Areas 

➢ Every week the fridge is thoroughly cleaned and all items in the fridge are checked for freshness, and all 

food past their use by or best before date are correctly disposed of. 

➢ All food preparation surfaces are wiped clean after use with anti-bacterial cleaner and disposable cloths ➢ All chopping boards are cleaned after use with warm soapy water, anti-bacterial cleaner and then thoroughly rinsed. 


Healthy Eating 

We promote a healthy eating programme in accordance with Government guidelines and where food is prepared in the setting (where applicable): 

➢ It is available and communicated to all parents and guardians. 

➢ It sets out how sufficient, suitable and nutritious food/drink are available to each child ➢ It states that the menu be displayed in the service and that it includes a wide variety of healthy 


➢ It states that the main meal must include appropriate servings of protein, starch, dairy, vegetables 

and iron. 

➢ It states that parents and guardians are informed if their child has not eaten well. 

➢ It details that staff sit with children during meal or snack time and encourage good eating habits. 

➢ Specific dietary requests are managed, for example – hypersensitivities, religious requirements, 

and so on. 


Healthy Lunchbox 

➢ We promote healthy eating across all settings. 

➢ We ask for parents not to send squash or juice, only water. Water and milk are provided.

➢ Sugary sweets and snacks should not be sent. Replace with healthy fruits and veg.

➢ We are a nut free setting


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