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Outdoor Policy

It is important to provide opportunities for children to take part in outings so they can further develop their knowledge and to ensure every child has access to the same opportunities in life.

Trips can include trips on foot, i.e. visits to the local park, the library, local markets, and places of interest.


  • Parents will sign a general consent upon registration for their children to be taken out from time to time.

  • Additional parental consent will be obtained for specific annual events.

  • Children will be assigned to individual staff members to ensure each child is individually supervised.

  • All outings will be recorded in an ‘Outings Record Book’ that will be kept in the office. This will state date and time of outing, venue and mode of transport; staff names and the children’s names they are assigned to, time of return and risk assessment complete.

  • Staff will take a mobile phone on an outing, along with supplies i.e. tissues, first aid kit and spare underwear. Snacks may also be taken depending on the outing.

  • All children should have a hi vis vest with our preschool name.

  • Staff will have a list of the children attending the outing with them in order to carry out regular headcounts whilst on the trip.

  • A group photo will be taken of the children prior to the outing.

  • At least one first aider will be present on any visit or outing.

  • Ratios for outings and visits will be reviewed depending on the nature of the outing.

  • A full outings risk assessment must be completed

  • Stranger Danger will be discussed before and during the outing

  • Hats and sun cream will be worn weather permitting.

Road safety

  • Adults walk road side.

  • Children walk in pairs.

  • Children will be supervised at all times.


  • Any medical equipment children need, will be taken on the trip i.e. Epi Pen, Asthma pump

  • At least one qualified first aider will accompany any trip and the travel first aid kit will be taken.


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