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Emergency Evacuation Procedure


In order to keep the children and myself safe, we have developed the following procedure to evacuate our settings in the event of an emergency. The children will regularly practice the evacuation procedure with me so they will not be alarmed in the event of a situation being real. 

➢ Our emergency evacuations procedures are displayed in our premises. 

➢ They are explained to the new members of staff, volunteers and parents. 

➢ They are practised every 6 weeks and recorded in our fire logbook. 


If an emergency arises: 

○ The smoke alarm will be activated.

○ Calmy gather the children & evacuate the children using the safest and nearest exit available . 

○ We will take our attendance records for the day, contact numbers and a mobile phone with us. 

○ The escape route will be out of the front door or back door into the garden and through to the carpark, whichever route is safest. Keys to these doors will be kept on a lanyard and with the manager at all times. 

○ If evacuation is via the front door, we will assemble at the furthest safest point away from the front door. 

○ If evacuation is via the back door, we will assemble at the safest place away from the back door. 

○ Once we have left the premises we will call the emergency services and will follow their instructions. 

○ We will comfort and reassure the children. 

○ We will arrange for a safe place for the children to stay until the parents can collect them. 

○ We will not return to the building until the emergency services have declared it safe to do so. 

○ The escape route plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains suitable. 

○ We will regularly take a few minutes to walk the escape route with everyone in the settings and explain to all the children what to do in the case of a fire. 

○ We will record in a Fire logbook, any problems encountered and how they were resolved. 


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