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Drop Off & Collection

Dropping off your child

We empathise and appreciate how difficult it may be to leave your child at preschool, especially in the first instance. The team at our settings wish to make the transition from home to preschool as smooth as possible as to endeavour to avoid any upset and to make children and their families feel welcome, safe and secure. 

➢ With regards to the COVID-19 regulations, we ask for children and parents to remain outside with all belongings upon arrival and the parent will pass their child over to a member of staff or their key worker who will ensure the safety and wellbeing of each individual.

➢ Staff will sign the children in on the daily register in our attendance folder. 

➢ The Preschool Manager / Deputy will then collate the numbers of children for that session. 

➢ Parents are encouraged to pass on any information regarding their child if necessary, such as 

injuries, medication and any concerns relating to the wellbeing. 

➢ Under NO circumstances must a child be left to wait unaccompanied at the start of their session. 


  • All parents are requested to complete a registration form prior to the child starting preschool, this includes all emergency contact details, authorised persons who are able to collect their child and passwords to be used at the collection time. 

  • Parents must inform the preschool of any other persons who may be collecting their child who is not named on their registration form, giving a description of that person and a password.

  • Staff will ensure that all children are signed out of the register when they leave the preschool building. 

  • Should a child not be collected, the manager/deputy will endeavour to contact the named parents on the registration form. Staff will ensure that the child is made to feel safe and that they do not become concerned or upset. We will also contact your emergency contacts as per your registration form. 

  • If it becomes very late and we have been unsuccessful in arranging for the child to be collected we will make contact with Local Children’s Services. 

  • We ask to be informed if your child is going to be picked up early as we may be on an outing or doing a planned activity.



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