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Outdoor Policy

Outdoor play is essential for all aspects of a child’s development. It provides children with experiences which enable them to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. In doing so, it provides opportunities to develop their communication skills and encourages positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Our aim for both indoor and outdoor play will be to provide a stimulating and safe environment for children’s learning in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Close observation is essential in order to assess children’s ability and to ensure appropriate supervision is provided.


When planning Outdoor play, adults will consider the following:

  • Safety

  • Is the area offering challenging and exciting play

  • Different age groups of children and levels of ability using the space

  • Supervision and delegation

  • Children’s individual needs

  • Continuation of indoor activities


Safety in the garden:

  • The pre-school will ensure all areas are safe and secure through close supervision and the use of daily risk assessments and safety checks.

  •  A garden risk assessment will be completed BEFORE the children go into the garden by a member of staff from the first room using the area.

  •  On completion of the daily risk assessment, staff may opt to close parts of the garden that they feel maybe hazardous due to weather conditions.

  •  Any restrictions identified by the daily risk assessment will be recorded on the board whilst in force.

  •  All staff using the garden will check the board before going into the garden.

  •  Deputy managers will be responsible for ensuring risk assessments are carried out daily.

  •  All staff will be aware of the procedures in place, and where appropriate, trained to ensure that these procedures are followed effectively.

  •  Staff outdoors will always be aware of the safety of the children in the garden in their care, they will be vigilant at all times and never leave the garden for any reason unless another member of staff has taken over responsibility.

  •  Staff will also choose to close off areas of the garden depending on the age group using it and number of staff available for supervision.

  •  It is most important for staff to remain in their designated area at all times, this will ensure the outdoor area is adequately supervised. Each member of staff will position themselves in separate areas of the garden so that no space is unsupervised.

  •  At the end of each session, staff will ensure that all children are lined up at the door before they enter the building and return to their rooms.

  •  Children will be taken back into the pre-school one room at a time. The next room will follow when it is safe to do so.

  •  All equipment will be stored away sensibly and carefully to allow for safe and easy removal the following day.

  •  Children will be encouraged to climb and balance independently but staff will always be aware of and consider different levels of ability.

  •  Accidents will be dealt with appropriately, following the procedures in place.

  • All accidents will be recorded in the accident book and information will be shared with the parents.


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